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College of Engineering Alumni Association, Kannur (CEAAK)

GCE Kannur alumni association (College of Engineering Alumni Association Kannur, CEAAK officially), is addressing a huge body of an extremely heterogeneous group of people with a large gap generation-wise, experience-wise and wealth-wise, bonded with a common alma-mater, GCEK. Its primary objective is to foster and develop fraternity, unity among alumni members and all stakeholders including teachers, parents, employers etc. of this institution.
The inexplicable potential that our 11000-odd alumni offer shall be mutually beneficial to both the wise elders and energetic youngsters alike, not to mention the contributions it can give back to our college and hence to the fresh generation that it shapes year by year. CEAAK coordinates micro, mini and mega activities including academic, career-guidance, sports and cultural events.
CEAAK has various chapters operating from India and abroad, conducting activities of their own, and also those in connection with CEAAK executive committee operating from GCEK.



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